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You can search and download a range of products that support the use of geography in the statistical process from the Open Geography portal. The links on this page provide more details.

  • Open Geography

    Open Geography is a framework that provides the definitive source of geographic products, tools and services.

  • 2011 Census Geography Products for England and Wales

    Information on the 2011 Census geography reference data, and background about how the data is produced and how it should be used.

  • Area classifications

    Information on the area classification used to support the production of Official Statistics.

  • Rural/Urban classifications

    Information on the rural/urban classifications.

  • Names, Codes and Lookups

    We have a range of products that provide definitive names, codes and lookups for various geographies.

  • Postcode Products

    Our postcode products assign geographies to postcodes using two different methodologies, depending on your requirements.

  • Address Products

    Our address directory assigns geographies to properties using the OA best-fit methodology.

  • Digital Boundaries

    We produce digital boundary sets for a wide range of geographies.

  • Other

    Our other products that support the production of statistics.


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