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Changes to cause-of-death coding in England and Wales in 2014

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) code cause of death using the World Health Organization's (WHO) International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10). On 1 January 2014, ONS changed the software used to code cause of death from software version 2010 to version 2013 (a software package called IRIS). More information on the implementation of this change and preliminary findings on the impact on mortality statistics can be found below.

This first information note (25.7 Kb Pdf) summarises the reasons for the implementation of IRIS software.

The second information note (67.9 Kb Pdf) provides preliminary findings on the impact of the implementation of IRIS software on mortality statistics in England and Wales. The analysis is based on a small dual-coding study that used a sample of deaths registered in week 2 in 2014 (4 to 10 January 2014).

This Excel table (53 Kb Excel sheet) shows a cross tabulation of deaths from the week 2 dual-coding study grouped by underlying cause of death chapter in ICD-10 software version 2010 and version 2013 (IRIS).

The IRIS dual-coding study statistical bulletin, based on 38,718 records, presents the impact of the new IRIS software for cause-of-death coding on mortality statistics. Reference data for this bulletin includes a data set of dual-coded data with the selected underlying cause of death and every mentioned condition on the death certificate coded using both ICD-10 software versions, by age and sex.

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