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Gross domestic product (GDP) revisions triangles and real-time database

Revisions triangles and real-time databases of estimates of growth rates for GDP and its key output (production), expenditure and income components. They are presented in spreadsheets containing charts and statistical analysis of the data. These contain no new data but provide previously published data. The results of the revisions analysis in the GDP triangle is published in the background notes of the “Preliminary estimate of GDP”, the “Second estimate of GDP” and the “Quarterly national accounts releases”. The triangles contain estimates of quarterly growth rates, chained volume measures, seasonally adjusted, for key series showing revisions over time. Note chained volume measures are only used since Blue Book 2003; prior to this, the estimates are published as constant price growth rates. The series codes for the underlying level series are shown in brackets. Please note that owing to rounding, you may not be able to calculate the same growth rates from the level series.

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