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2011 Census interactive

The 2011 Census in England and Wales is a rich data source providing a detailed snapshot of the population, its characteristics, and its housing. In comparison with data from previous censuses, it also enables us to tracks changes in society over time. These interactive charts and maps allow you to explore census data like never before.

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New: Interactive map looking at commuting patterns

Map - Commuting patterns

Where do we commute to? Explore our interactive map to find out


Quiz - Interactive page

Know your area? Answer seven questions to see whether you're a local expert


Interactive map on employment rates

Map - Employment rate Interactive

Employment rates by qualifications (aged 25 to 64): All people - How do different levels of qualifications affect employment rates?


Census cartograms

2011 Census Cartograms - Usual resident and workday population

2011 Census Cartograms - Usual resident and workday population


Census line charts

Interactive line graph temp

16 May 2013: 2011 Census - Religion by age, 0-84

16 May 2013: 2011 Census - Ethnicity by age




Interactive maps


Further census interactives

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