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Compendium of UK Statistics

Compendium of UK Statistics

This Compendium of UK Statistics brings together comparable official statistics for the four nations of the UK. It has been produced to facilitate comparisons and is intended to help support key decisions such as the Scottish referendum on independence which took place on 18 September 2014. It follows on from the UK Statistics Authority report, ‘Official statistics in the context of the referendum on Scottish independence’, published in October 2013.

This Compendium presents statistics within four themes: population and migration, economy, social indicators and environment. Each theme contains three sections:

  • Main comparisons – a range of headline comparisons for the four nations,

  • Find out more – some more detail on specific topic areas,

  • Full data catalogue – links to any relevant data series with information on their comparability across the four nations.

The statistics included here have been produced across the Government Statistical Service. All relevant Government Departments have been involved in the publication of this Compendium.

The statistics in this compendium were updated to the latest available figures on 5 June 2014. In addition, the population estimates and densities were updated to the mid-2013 figures when they were published in June and early July. There will be no further updates to other statistics in the compendium. Links to the data used in the UK compendium and the latest available figures can be found in the data catalogue for each theme. In addition, links to other relevant statistics are also available.  

Content from the Office for National Statistics.
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