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GSS Business statistics - interactive user guide

Finding the right business statistics

This interactive guide helps you to find statistics on UK business published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and other government departments and devolved administrations within the Government Statistical Service.

Use the guide to select a topic of interest, This will link you to relevant recent statistical releases and supporting information, such as what to use the statistics for, the level of industry detail and publishing frequency.

The guide includes statistics about the structure, content and performance of businesses across the UK, including measures of turnover and other financial transaction variables, employment, economic growth and productivity.

Note that while many of these measures are inputs for the UK National Accounts and Balance of Payments, these are not within the scope of this guide.

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To use the guide, select the industry group, feature of the economy and geographic coverage that you are interested in. The results table will then show details of the available statistics and supporting information.

For example, selecting income and expenditure for any industry and any geography will return a list  including expenditure on research and development, mergers and acquisitions, and income and expenditure by insurance companies, pension funds and trusts.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback on these statistics or the interactive user guide, you can join the Business and Trade Statistics Community on the RSS’s StatsUserNet forum


Other useful releases

The interactive guide does not currently include all available economic or labour market statistics. If you are looking for the full list of statistics in these themes, you can either browse by theme, or follow the links to the appropriate pages on the ONS website.

Balance of Payments
Civil Service Statistics (annual)
Index of Production
Index of Services
Labour Market Statistics

Releases included in the interactive guide

Annual Business Survey (ABS)
Business Demography
Business Investment
Business Population Estimate
Business Register and Employment Survey
E-commerce and Information and Communication Technology Activity
English Business Survey (EBS)
Foreign Direct Investment Involving UK Companies
Index of Labour Costs per Hour
Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Fund and Trusts (MQ5)
International Comparisons of Productivity
International Trade in Services (ITIS)
Labour Market 
Labour Productivity
Mergers and Acquisitions Involving UK Companies
New Orders in the Construction Industry
Northern Ireland Business Register and Employment Survey
Northern Ireland Census of Employment
Northern Ireland Composite Economic Index (NICEI)
Exporting Northern Ireland Services (ENIS)
Northern Ireland Index of Services (IOS)
Northern Ireland Manufacturing Sales and Exports Survey (MSES)
Northern Ireland Quarterly Employment Survey
Northern Ireland Research and Development survey (R&D)
Output in the Construction Industry
Products of the European Community (Prodcom)
Profitability of UK Companies
Public Sector Employment
Regional Economic Analysis
Retail Sales
Scottish Annual Business Statisics
Turnover and Orders in Production and Services Industries (TOPSI)
UK Business: Activity, Size and Location
UK Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD)
UK Gross Domestic Expenditure on Research and Development (GERD)
Vacancy Survey


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