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Who are we

Who we are

We are the UK's national statistical institute and the largest producer of official statistics in the UK. We are also the only government department with the production of statistics as its main role. We are independent of ministers and instead report through the UK Statistics Authority to Parliament and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We are the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority, which was established on 1 April 2008 by the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. Under the Act, the Authority is responsible for promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics which serve the public good. Further information on the Authority, and the Statistics and Registration Service Act, is available on the UK Statistics Authority website.

Our main responsibilities are:

  • The collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of a range of key economic, social and demographic statistics about the UK

  • The provision of statistical leadership and methodological advice for the benefit of UK official statistics

  • Representation of the UK internationally as the national statistical institute

These responsibilities span more than 650 different statistical releases a year which rely on a broad range of methods and systems. All outputs are produced in line with the ‘Code of Practice for Official Statistics’ and relevant quality standards. For information on the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, please see the UK Statistics Authority's website.

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