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Measuring National Well-being programme

The ONS Measuring National Well-being programme aims to produce accepted and trusted measures of the well-being of the nation. Well-being put simply is about “how we are doing” as individuals, as communities and as a nation and how sustainable this is for the future.

Measuring National Well-being is about looking at “GDP and beyond”. It includes headline indicators in areas such as health, relationships, education and skills, what we do, where we live, our finances, the economy, governance, the environment and measures of “personal well-being” (individuals' assessment of their own well-being).

The programme started with a national debate that gathered views on what matters to people. A report on the findings (1.16 Mb Pdf)  was published in July 2011. The debate helped establish an ongoing dialogue with citizens, specialists and others.

Since the debate, there has been intensive development work of new measures of well-being that include – but go beyond – measures of economic performance such as GDP.

The programme publishes updates to the national well-being measures every 6 months, including an interactive wheel of measures and interactive charts. Annually, we publish a "Life in the UK" report  giving the latest snapshot of the nation's well-being. We publish an annual statistical bulletin on personal well-being plus personal well-being frequently asked questions.

For a full list of all the latest articles and reports, see our publications page and to explore national well-being data, see our interactive content.

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