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Measuring National Well-being

ONS is developing new measures of national well-being. The aim is to provide a fuller picture of how society is doing by supplementing existing economic, social and environmental measures.

Developing better measures of well-being is a long-term programme. ONS is committed to sharing ideas and proposals widely to ensure that the measures are relevant and founded on what matters to people.

Latest national well-being publications: articles, analysis and more

For a full list, see our well-being publications page.

Economic Well-being, Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2015
An overview of economic well-being indicators up to Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2015.
Social protection – European comparisons of expenditure, 2007 to 2013
Estimates related to social protection from across 33 European countries based on Eurostat data from the European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS).
Economic Well-being, Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2015
An overview of economic well-being indicators up to Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2015.
Sustainable Development Indicators, July 2015
Latest publication of Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom.
UK Environmental Accounts, 2015
How the environment contributes to the economy and the impact of the economy on the environment.
Measuring National Well-being: International comparisons, 2015
Snapshot of how the UK's Well-being compares internationally.

Latest interactive content: explore national well-being data

For a full list, see our well-being interactive content page.

National well-being interactive wheel of measures
Play with the measures of national well-being and compare data. Latest version published September 2015.
Personal well-being in the UK interactive map
Compares personal well-being across the UK in 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14.
We must measure what matters - the key elements of national well-being. We want to develop measures based on what people tell us matters most.
Jil Matheson, National Statistician
National Well-being online community
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