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Release: Population Estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mid-2014

Released: 25 June 2015


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  • The population of the UK at 30 June 2014 is estimated to be 64,596,800.

  • Over the year to mid-2014 the number of people resident in the UK increased by 491,100 (up 0.77%), which is above the average annual increase (0.75%) seen over the last decade.

  • The population increase in the year to mid-2014 included natural growth of 226,200 people (777,400 births minus 551,200 deaths).

  • Net international migration of 259,700 people in the year to mid-2014 (582,600 international migrants arrived in the UK and 322,900 migrants left the UK to live abroad) also added to population growth.

  • An increase to the population in the year to mid-2014 of 5,200 was due to other changes and adjustments; mainly in the armed forces.

  • The number of births occurring in the year to mid-2014 is down on that seen in the previous year (down 1.9%), continuing the downward movement seen in births since the recent peak in the year to mid-2012.

  • Net international migration in the year to mid-2014 is the highest since the year to mid-2011 and up by 76,300 from 183,400 last year.

  • The median age of the population (the age at which half the population is younger and half the population is older) at mid-2014 was 40 years - the highest ever estimated.

  • The number and proportion of older people continues to rise, with over 11.4 million (17.7% of the population) aged 65 and over in mid-2014, up from 11.1 million (17.4%) last year.

      A decade of population change - interactive map

Estimates of the usual resident population for the UK as at 30 June of the reference year. Provided by administrative area, single year of age and sex.

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Mid-year population estimates – age distribution errors

We have recently been made aware of errors mainly affecting the age distribution of the mid-year population estimates for Scotland for the years 2002 to 2014. These errors only affect areas within Scotland; population estimates for England, Wales and Northern Ireland are unaffected. Whilst the estimated age distribution of the UK population is affected for the period, the total estimates of the UK population remain valid. ONS have published Frequently Asked Questions (158.6 Kb Pdf) that provide further information on the errors

ONS plans to publish corrected UK population estimates for the years 2012 to 2014 incorporating corrected estimates for Scotland in April 2016.


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