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How to manage stress in a growing business

November 26, 2014
Liz Makin

You may be experiencing significant growth in your business or you may be just starting out on your high growth journey through GrowthAccelerator.Wherever you are, growing a business can be very stressful, so what can you do to help keep stress under control?

Set goals, plan and take action. When your business is growing quickly you may feel stressed and out of control. To reduce stress decide on your business strategy, understand how to achieve it, prepare a realistic plan and get buy in from all concerned. Prioritise your plan, take action, review progress and amend your plan when things change.

Keep focused and actively manage your business. It is easy to get distracted during periods of high growth so keep focused on your strategy, actively manage your business and build in time to step back and review how the business is going. Ensure you have critical business information by monitoring key performance indicators, communicating, gaining feedback, holding staff and key stakeholder meetings and listening to customer feedback.

Manage your time. If time is not managed effectively stress levels will rise. Manage your time and use strategies that work for you. Stop procrastinating, get organised, delegate or outsource work, minimise distractions and maximise productivity.

Don’t try and control the uncontrollable.  It is easy to get stressed by things that are not within your control so for less stress stay focused on the things that you can control.

Accept that change happens and be adaptable. Stress can be created by changes impacting your plans and how you react to change. Accept that change happens, reschedule as a result of change and adapt accordingly.

Resolve issues as and when they arise. There will be lots of issues arising in a growing business that may create stress. Accept that the issues have arisen and find a satisfactory resolution quickly.

Manage your mind and think positively. Stress can arise from your thinking, as the way you think influences how you feel and behave. Consider your thinking and how you may need to change it. Also, to feel less stressed, adopt a positive approach and value where the business is now and what has been achieved.

Ask for help and support. There are many types of help and support available to you including growth coaching through GrowthAccelerator. Sharing with someone else and getting their input and support will help you feel less stressed.

Written by: Liz Makin, Makin It Happen – Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management


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