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Leadership and Management

This is aimed at building the skills and capabilities of eligible senior managers. Bespoke training will fill skills gaps in different sized management teams, to keep you focused on what matters most.

We've helped businesses to access over £13 million in grants for senior team development.

We can help train your leaders and senior management team.


You can access up to £2000 of match funding for every eligible senior manager to undertake training that will drive your business growth.

How you can benefit from Leadership and Management training

Our Leadership and Management training can help your senior managers to:

  • Develop effective personal leadership styles
  • Lead and manage high performance teams
  • Sustain growth and continuously improve
  • Embed cultures of innovation or joint enterprise
  • Enter new markets, sectors and regions

How the Leadership and Management training works The Leadership and Management experts you will work with

Our experts will be able to recommend the right sort of training for your business. Their work is having a huge effect on participants, with 98% saying that the training helped to improve their management capability and 97% saying they'd recommend their training provider to others.

The areas that Leadership and Management training covers Is Leadership and Management training the right service for your business? What other services do we provide?

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Success stories

NCI Group

Turnover up from £4.4m to £6.6m in one year

Rosa's Thai Café

Turnover up from £1.4m to £2.8m in one year

Stirling Dynamics

Jobs up from 82 to 164 in one year

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