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Success story - Roaming Roosters

GrowthAccelerator has given us the chance to stand back and check we’re making the right decisions. It’s also enabled us to put a structure in place to support rapid growth and manage that growth in a sustainable way, helping us to achieve our goals and get to where we want to be.


Location: Lancashire Growth Service: Business Development
No of Employees: 29 Business Growth Manager: Wendy Bowers
Turnover: £750,000 Growth Coach: Paul Gorman

The challenge

The Mellin brothers’ main ambition was to help customers differentiate between intensive and sustainable farming and change the way they eat. They hadn’t planned for rapid expansion, but the company’s commitment to explaining product provenance and processes began to drive sales. Full of passion but lacking direction, they needed help to manage and maintain their unexpected business growth without compromising their ideals.

Our solution

Roaming Roosters met with Business Growth Manager Wendy Bowers, who guided the company through bespoke diagnostic assessment tool, GROWTHmapper, to establish how we could help the company achieve its goals.

Wendy also used GROWTHmapper to identify and explore internal divergences of opinion as to where the company was going. She then matched the company with Growth Coach Paul Gorman, who offered the perfect combination of skills and experience to help drive the business forward.

Key features of the scope of support included:

  • Orbit Diagram – a coaching tool to help build a growth plan for the business over the next 3-5 years; this helped Simon and his brother to forecast and plan, and gave them the tools to ‘get there’ quickly
  • Definition of key objectives, which were:
    • Secure minimum customer spend
    • Build a solid relationship with partners to ensure raw materials could still be sourced, in line with the company’s ethics, during periods of accelerated growth
    • Meet or exceed turnover forecast
    • Change financial support from a bridging loan to a commercial loan

Progress and outcomes

Through the Orbit Diagram tool, Paul helped Roaming Rooster to develop a robust, credible plan and narrative to present to the bank. As a result, the bank agreed to shift their bridging loan to a commercial loan. This has lifted a huge amount of pressure from the brothers’ shoulders and set the foundations for strong business development.

Following the growth plan set out via the Orbit Diagram, the company has already exceeded a lot of the targets they set down. Achieving in six months what they planned to achieve in 12, they are now on course to at least double their £500,000 turnover forecast. Profitability is higher and the business is creating more jobs than expected. It doesn’t have any debts, the car park is always full, and the company is consistently over-trading while retaining its commitment to quality produce and sustainable processes.

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