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GrowthCommunity is an exclusive network for the leaders of the high growth firms that the Business Growth Service supports.

You will have access to a wider network of businesses that are just like you. Here you will have the opportunity to expand your networks and learn from others as you continue your growth journey.


The GrowthCommunity is an exclusive network for the leaders of the high growth firms that we support.

How you can benefit from GrowthCommunity

The GrowthCommunity has been designed to help leaders embed the experience of working with the Business Growth Service to achieve their goals, and continue on their growth journey.

GrowthCommunity membership gives you:

  • Exclusive events with other high growth leaders
  • Unique supporter offers from corporate sponsors
  • Priority access to extra training and coaching
  • Research, reports and industry insight

How the GrowthCommunity works What are the GrowthCommunity events and offers?

GrowthCommunity events take place across the country on a monthly basis. They are designed to help you network with other high growth businesses and include guest speakers who can add insight on a range of growth topics.

The GrowthCommunity offers come from supporters such as Microsoft, the Institute of Directors and Smart Currency, and have been specifically designed for the needs of growing businesses.

Is GrowthCommunity the right service for your business? Apart from GrowthCommunity, what other services are available?

GrowthCommunity is a complementary addition to the business coaching and mentoring services that we provide. These cover:


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Success stories

NCI Group

Turnover up from £4.4m to £6.6m in one year

Rosa's Thai Café

Turnover up from £1.4m to £2.8m in one year

Stirling Dynamics

Jobs up from 82 to 164 in one year

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