Ship in stormy seas

Shipping forecast and gale warnings, inshore waters forecast and strong wind warnings, high seas forecast and storm warnings.

The Met Office provides a wide range of marine forecasts and warnings.

In the UK, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is responsible for the provision of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) to ships at sea, which includes the broadcast of warnings and forecasts. This includes Navigation Warnings.

The Met Office initiates warnings and prepares routine forecasts for dissemination on behalf of the MCA.

Marine forecasts for printing and low-bandwidth devices (such as mobile phones)

Caution: The internet is not part of the Maritime Safety Information system and should never be relied upon as the only means to obtain the latest forecast and warning information. Access to the service may be interrupted or delayed from time to time, updates may also be delayed. Please refer to GMDSS services, INMARSAT SafetyNET or international NAVTEX for the latest information. When using these web pages, always check that the page on your screen is not from your cache. Use the Refresh or Reload button if in any doubt.

Last updated: 9 April 2015

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