Submissions from Organisations

Please note: there may be further additions to the published submissions as we work through the remainder of the submissions received.

Organisation Reference PDF file size
Aberdeen and District CNDB0016468 kB
Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of CommerceB00308417 kB
ABIB00336179 kB
ACOSVOB00066137 kB
Action on Hearing Loss ScotlandB0010989 kB
ADS ScotlandB0035894 kB
AegonB00288193 kB
AHP GroupB00233161 kB
Alcohol Focus ScotlandB00061149 kB
Alliance of Chemical AssociationsB0001772 kB
Amnesty InternationalB0002170 kB
AMRC, RSE, SOB and USB00173149 kB
ANIFPOB00147391 kB
Archaeology ScotlandB00054211 kB
Argyll and Bute CouncilB0020366 kB
ASH ScotlandB00128151 kB
Association of British BookmakersB00196303 kB
Association of the Brittish Pharmaceutical IndustryB00209139 kB
Auditor GeneralB0039686 kB
Barnardo's ScotlandB00031154 kB
BASE ScotlandB00074104 kB
BEMIS ScotlandB00285164 kB
Beyond BordersB00361153 kB
BioIndustry AssociationB0024386 kB
Black Triangle CampaignB00328192 kB
Borders Network of Conservation GroupsB0005750 kB
Bristol AirportB00019157 kB
British CouncilB0009481 kB
British Frozen Food FederationB0021773 kB
British Heart FoundationB0032587 kB
British Safety CouncilB00383102 kB
BTB00025280 kB
BTB00025 A232 kB
Built Environment Forum ScotlandB00161341 kB
Business for ScotlandB00246199 kB
Business for Scotland Borders GroupB003183 MB
Business for Scotland, Edinburgh GroupB00022122 kB
Caledonia TVB0024077 kB
Callander Yes AllianceB00254351 kB
Campaign for Scottish Home RuleB00334221 kB
Capability ScotlandB00210249 kB
Carers For YesB00169131 kB
Carers Link East DumbartonshireB002791 MB
Carers ScotlandB00170130 kB
Carers Trust ScotlandB00167484 kB
Carnegie UK TrustB00183337 kB
Catholic Parliamentary OfficeB0007691 kB
CBIB00199620 kB
CECAB0036866 kB
CEMVO ScotlandB00166101 kB
Centre for CitiesB00333251 kB
Centre for Constitutional ChangeB0040815 MB
CentreforumB0000456 kB
Channel 4B00345143 kB
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and AccountancyB00184519 kB
Chartered institute of taxationB00372242 kB
Chartered Institute of Waste ManagementB0031758 kB
Chemical Business AssociationB00016154 kB
Child Poverty Action Group in ScotlandB00378272 kB
Children In ScotlandB002293 MB
Church of ScotlandB00352155 kB
CIH ScotlandB00289388 kB
Citizens Advice ScotlandB00280504 kB
Close the GapB00177108 kB
Clydebank Yes AllianceB00253214 kB
Co-operatives UKB00238197 kB
Coalition of care support providers in ScotlandB00036136 kB
COCISB00034151 kB
COCIS rural groupB00120110 kB
Collaborative Scotland and Care SolutionsB00266444 kB
College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal ChurchB0015167 kB
Colleges ScotlandB00231121 kB
Common ThreadB0041131 kB
Common WealB00268303 kB
Communist Party of BritainB00102261 kB
Community Energy ScotlandB0011197 kB
Community Land ScotlandB0008782 kB
Competition and Markets AuthorityB00313439 kB
ConforB0007969 kB
Constitutional CommissionB00379184 kB
Constructing Better HealthB00006440 kB
COSLAB00314183 kB
COSLAB00331661 kB
Creative ScotlandB00236166 kB
Cross Party Group on Children and Young PeopleB00073102 kB
Culture CountsB0036564 kB
Cycling ScotlandB00332232 kB
Development Trusts Association ScotlandB00208129 kB
Diabetes ScotlandB00384117 kB
Disability Agenda ScotlandB00181336 kB
Disabled People for YesB00089240 kB
Dundee City Council Policy and Resources CommitteeB00234100 kB
Dundee Peoples AssemblyB00269111 kB
East Renfrewshire Women for IndependenceB0007749 kB
EDF EnergyB0004199 kB
Edinburgh Commercial PropertyB00391227 kB
Edinburgh CyreniansB00230111 kB
Edinburgh Secular SocietyB0023256 kB
Edinburgh Tenants FederationB00222205 kB
EEFB00153104 kB
EkklesiaB00042116 kB
Emma McAulayB00080107 kB
Employment Related Services AssociationB00193440 kB
Enable ScotlandB00171161 kB
EngenderB00216698 kB
Equality and Human Rights CommissionB00399199 kB
EquityB0017286 kB
Ernst and YoungB00353336 kB
ERS ScotlandB0023948 kB
European Movement in ScotlandB00202140 kB
Evolution ScotlandB00303201 kB
Faith in Community ScotlandB00218367 kB
Falkirk Against Unconventional GasB00392344 kB
Families Need Fathers - ScotlandB00030158 kB
Federation of Small BusinessB00002664 kB
Federatoin of Master BuildersB0040659 kB
Fiscal Affairs ScotlandB00085160 kB
Fiscal Affairs ScotlandB00085 A154 kB
Fons Scotiae - leir guid braid Scots - Scots Language PublishingB0008859 kB
for Scotlands's Disabled ChildrenB0008261 kB
Foresters4YesB0019465 kB
Fourth Branch SNPB0018078 kB
Free Church of ScotlandB00011150 kB
Freedom From TortureB00211116 kB
Freight Transport AssociationB00056173 kB
Friends of the Earth ScotlandB00299120 kB
Frontline PolicyB0032752 kB
GatewayB00397358 kB
Glasgow Chamber of CommerceB0037052 kB
Glasgow City CouncilB00040189 kB
Glasgow Homeless NetworkB00301169 kB
Glasgow Quaker MeetingB00158102 kB
Glasgow SNP GroupB0029292 kB
Glenrothes Area Residents FederationB0029153 kB
Graphical HouseB0000850 kB
Guide Dogs ScotlandB00300196 kB
GWSFB00335198 kB
Haemophilia ScotlandB00084125 kB
HANTB0015274 kB
Health and Social Care AllianceB00136146 kB
Historic Houses Association for ScotlandB0009097 kB
Homes for ScotlandB00356158 kB
Human Rights Consortium ScotlandB00213125 kB
ICAEWB00404164 kB
ICASB0011821 kB
ICASB00118 A450 kB
ICE ScotlandB00038338 kB
iNcludemB00394122 kB
Inclusion ScotlandB00205303 kB
Independent Resource Centre ClydebankB0019091 kB
Institute and Faculty of ActuariesB00132368 kB
Institute of Fundraising ScotlandB00121835 kB
Institute of Local TelevisionB00113277 kB
IntoworkB0039358 kB
InverYESsB00294984 kB
Investment Management AssociationB0035478 kB
IoD ScotlandB00063123 kB
iPower Energy LtdB0011964 kB
Jimmy Reid FoundationB00227519 kB
Joseph Rowntree FoundationB00242342 kB
Jubilee ScotlandB00114104 kB
Kilmaurs Amenity SocietyB00081101 kB
KPMGB00349696 kB
Law Society of ScotlandB00215497 kB
Leadership Panel of Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human RightsB0038080 kB
League Against Cruel SportsB0014167 kB
LearndirectB00168130 kB
Learning Disability Alliance ScotlandB0012489 kB
Learning for Sustainability ScotlandB00369103 kB
LGBT Youth ScotlandB00381274 kB
Living Streets ScotlandB00156282 kB
Lochaber Women for IndependenceB0026088 kB
Low Income Tax Reform GroupB00250312 kB
MAKLABB0027281 kB
MECOPPB0012368 kB
Medical Research CouncilB00001179 kB
MG AlbaB00241298 kB
Migration Watch UKB0014574 kB
Minto Hills Conservation GroupB0005868 kB
Money Advice ScotlandB0002474 kB
Museums Galleries ScotlandB00219239 kB
Musician's UnionB0016367 kB
N-56B00262108 kB
NAFC Marine CentreB00316116 kB
National Association of Pension FundsB00195240 kB
National Carer OrganisationsB00130112 kB
National Trust for ScotlandB00003645 kB
NFU ScotlandB00139195 kB
NHS for YESB0004573 kB
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Corporate Inequalities TeamB0033060 kB
NIDOSB00047583 kB
NIESRB00320490 kB
North East Chamber of CommerceB00043143 kB
NUJB0004967 kB
NUS ScotlandB00293273 kB
OfcomB00162160 kB
Oil/Gas UKB00235210 kB
One Parent families ScotlandB00375288 kB
Open Scotland DemocracyB00376180 kB
Orkney Fisheries AssociationB00225255 kB
Our Islands Our FutureB00146123 kB
Our Islands Our FutureB00146 A85 kB
Oxfam ScotlandB00108246 kB
PACTB00069156 kB
Parenting Across ScotlandB00160104 kB
Parkinsons UKB00350134 kB
PASB0034679 kB
PCSB00144577 kB
People's Health MovementB0020088 kB
Perth Branch Business for ScotlandB00364108 kB
Policy ScotlandB00032160 kB
Poverty AllianceB00189391 kB
Price Waterhouse CoopersB00389874 kB
Quality Meat ScotlandB00322136 kB
Quality ScotlandB0010175 kB
QuarriersB00197121 kB
Quakers ScotlandB001173 MB
Quakers ScotlandB00117 A17 kB
R3 Association of Business Recovery ProfessionalsB001784 MB
Race Equality OrganisationsB00122103 kB
Radical Independence DundeeB0009977 kB
Ramblers ScotlandB00278138 kB
Reformed Presbyterian Church of ScotlandB0028280 kB
Refugee Women's Strategy GroupB0029593 kB
REHISB00339100 kB
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)B001173 MB
RIC AberdeenB0007048 kB
RNIB ScotlandB0022092 kB
Road Haulage AssociationB00140145 kB
Royal Caledonian Education TrustB0040355 kB
Royal Society for the Encouragement of ArtsB00005285 kB
Royal Society of ChemistryB00341101 kB
Royal Society of EdinburghB001161 MB
RSPB ScotlandB00013194 kB
RTPI ScotlandB0028685 kB
Rwanda Scotland AllianceB0009884 kB
SCCYPB00338162 kB
SCDIB00343618 kB
SCIDB00224182 kB
Scotch Whisky AssociationB00150113 kB
Scotland Against SpinB00307211 kB
Scotland First North East FifeB00377101 kB
Scotland Food and DrinkB00357227 kB
Scotland Malawi PartnershipB00029103 kB
Scotland Malawi PartnershipB00159542 kB
ScotlandISB00371355 kB
Scottish Association for Mental HealthB00212197 kB
Scottish Association for Public TransportB00259475 kB
Scottish Association of Social WorkersB00188239 kB
Scottish AthleticsB00046207 kB
Scottish BakersB00401155 kB
Scottish Borders Conservative and Unionist AssociationB0038574 kB
Scottish Building FederationB00337179 kB
Scottish Campaign for Nuclear DisarmamentB0030573 kB
Scottish Campaign on Welfare ReformB00366189 kB
Scottish Catholic International Aid FundB00198265 kB
Scottish Chamber of CommerceB00321221 kB
Scottish Children's Services CoalitionB00105203 kB
Scottish CNDB0040546 kB
Scottish Community AllianceB0030675 kB
Scottish Contractors GroupB00274574 kB
Scottish Council on Human BioethicsB0036781 kB
Scottish Crofting AssociationB0018545 kB
Scottish EngineeringB00265133 kB
Scottish EnterpriseB00014690 kB
Scottish Environment LINKB00091157 kB
Scottish Financial EnterpriseB0020485 kB
Scottish Fishermen's FederationB00386193 kB
Scottish Fishermen's OrganisationB0025849 kB
Scottish Food and Drink FederationB00290126 kB
Scottish HazardsB0020181 kB
Scottish Hon Consul of the Republic of MalawiB0004495 kB
Scottish Independent RadioB0041450 kB
Scottish Law CommissionB00086836 kB
Scottish Life Sciences AssociationB00097273 kB
Scottish OperaB00154209 kB
Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN)B00078387 kB
Scottish Police FederationB00256912 kB
Scottish Ports CommitteeB0012661 kB
Scottish Progressive PartyB00264256 kB
Scottish Provosts associationB0002876 kB
Scottish Refugee CouncilB00374312 kB
Scottish RenewablesB00312177 kB
Scottish RenewablesB0011964 kB
Scottish RenewablesB00119 A90 kB
Scottish Salmon Producers’ OrganisationB00351116 kB
Scottish Socialist PartyB00012225 kB
Scottish Socialists for IndepdendenceB0001552 kB
Scottish Sports AssociationB00179144 kB
Scottish Tourism AllianceB00137737 kB
Scottish Women's ConventionB00060742 kB
Scottish Womens AidB00329227 kB
Scottish Womens Budget GroupB0008383 kB
Scottish Woodlot AssociationB00096100 kB
Scottish Youth ParliamentB00052202 kB
SCVOB00296462 kB
SCVO, the STUC, National Union of Students, Church of Scotland, and the Electoral Reform SocietyB0027566 kB
SelectB00273178 kB
Sense ScotlandB0014368 kB
SFHAB0006489 kB
SFTB00247232 kB
SHAAPB00104107 kB
Shelter ScotlandB00248102 kB
Shetland Islands CouncilB00115122 kB
Shetland Islands CouncilB00115 A633 kB
Shetland Women for Independence GroupB0027793 kB
SHRCB00033107 kB
SNP Group on North Lanarkshire CouncilB00068120 kB
SNP Trade Union GroupB0034883 kB
SNP Tryst BranchB0025140 kB
So Say ScotlandB00237444 kB
Social Enterprise Scotland, Community Enterprise, Social Firms Scotland, Firstport, Senscot, CEIS, HISEZ, Social Enterprise Academy and InspirAlbaB00244567 kB
Social Investment ScotlandB00023153 kB
Society of BiologyB0010396 kB
Spirit of IndependenceB00362104 kB
Springfield properties plcB0000941 kB
SRCB0013492 kB
SSEB00182606 kB
SSPOB00065120 kB
St Andrews University Students for IndependenceB00270108 kB
St Andrews Young GreensB0031168 kB
Stay United ScotlandB00228161 kB
STFAB00340152 kB
Still Yes Ullapool and LochbroomB0025564 kB
Stonewall ScotlandB00106129 kB
Stop Climate Change ScotlandB0007592 kB
STUCB00155400 kB
STV GroupB00344183 kB
Sunrise Industries GroupB0036323 kB
Sustrans ScotlandB0012763 kB
Talisman EnergyB0013382 kB
Talisman Sinopec Energy UK LimitedB00359185 kB
TAQAB0034298 kB
Taxpayer ScotlandB00100226 kB
The Craighead InstituteB0011278 kB
The Crown EstateB003234 MB
The Democracy GroupB0026752 kB
The Democratic SocietyB00206208 kB
The Educational Institute of ScotlandB00276119 kB
The Electoral CommissionB0018746 kB
The Equality and Human Rights CommissionB0011099 kB
The Fishermen's Association LtdB00129120 kB
The Iona CommunityB0022183 kB
The Paxton TrustB0041056 kB
The Prince's Trust ScotlandB00284298 kB
The Recruitment and Employment ConfederationB00373122 kB
The Red Paper CollectiveB00382107 kB
The Royal Incorporation of Architects in ScotlandB00135115 kB
The Scottish Grant Making Trusts GroupB002571 MB
The University of the West of Scotland, School of Media, Culture and SocietyB00281306 kB
The Weir GroupB0013840 kB
The Wise GroupB00355120 kB
Third Sector Employability ForumB00149102 kB
Tobacco Manufacturers AssociationB0027194 kB
Together (Scottish Alliance for Children's Rights)B00018108 kB
Trade Unionists for IndependenceB0039068 kB
Transform ScotlandB00207100 kB
Transition ScotlandB00287143 kB
Trussell TrustB00191109 kB
TUCB00398225 kB
UK Deans of ScienceB0017642 kB
UK Metric AssociationB0022632 kB
UKPIAB00192114 kB
UNISONB00326229 kB
UNITE EdinburghB0005957 kB
United Against SeparationB00026184 kB
Universities ScotlandB00388974 kB
University and College UnionB00347122 kB
University of StirlingB00020186 kB
University of Strathclyde Students' AssociationB0014259 kB
USDAWB00283101 kB
Victoria Radio networkB0002793 kB
Visit ScotlandB0032491 kB
Voluntary Action ScotlandB00165247 kB
Voluntary Health ScotlandB00223174 kB
Volunteer GlasgowB0026193 kB
Volunteer ScotlandB00360231 kB
WEA ScotlandB00298199 kB
Wealthy NationB00050180 kB
Wheatley GroupB00186684 kB
Who Cares ScotlandB0012577 kB
Who Cares ScotlandB00125 A76 kB
Wick Branch Scottish National PartyB00407285 kB
Wine and Spirit Trade AssociationB00039281 kB
Wishing TreeB0004863 kB
Women 50:50B00297376 kB
Women for Independence East LothianB00051115 kB
Women for Independence GallowayB00053102 kB
Women's Enterprise ScotlandB00245149 kB
Women’s International League for Peace and FreedomB0031556 kB
Working LinksB00148111 kB
Yes Alba Steering GroupB00319224 kB
YES Alliance WigtownshireB00174151 kB
Yes Borders ScotlandB00302129 kB
Yes ClydesdaleB00214257 kB
Yes Community Alliance of Dumbarton and Vale of LevenB00252117 kB
Yes East AyrshireB00157504 kB
Yes East KilbrideB00310345 kB
Yes Edinburgh North and LeithB00175336 kB
Yes LargsB00412119 kB
Yes LGBTB00067209 kB
Yes OrkneyB0041331 kB
Yes PaisleyB0007154 kB
Yes PentlandsB00263130 kB
Yes ProvanB00400141 kB
Yes4FifeB0030978 kB
Young ScotB00037545 kB
Youngs SeafoodB0013141 kB
Youthlink ScotlandB00107130 kB
YWCA ScotlandB00062458 kB