Director General, Economic and Domestic Secretariat

Jonathan Slater



Jonathan was appointed as Director General and Head of the Economic and Domestic Secretariat in October 2015, coordinating policy advice to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. He is also responsible for the Implementation Unit and the operation of the Implementation Task Forces, which oversee delivering the government’s main priorities.

From July 2011, he was Director General of Head Office and Commissioning Services at the Ministry of Defence. He first led the Defence Reform programme and then oversaw the Head Office, Corporate Services, and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

His previous roles in government include:

  • Director General for Transforming Justice, Ministry of Justice
  • Chief Executive of the Office for Criminal Justice Reform
  • Director of Performance and Improvement at the National Offender Management Service
  • Director in the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit

Before joining the Civil Service in 2001, Jonathan was a local authority Deputy Chief Executive.

Director General, Economic and Domestic Secretariat

The Director General heads the Economic and Domestic Secretariat, which provides policy advice and briefing to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Government Policy and the Cabinet on the government’s economic and domestic policies. This is done by working with Committee Chairs to develop, support and secure collective agreement. The Director General is also responsible for the Prime Minister’s Implementation Unit, which, working with government departments, implements the Prime Minister’s top policy priorities across government.