The government provides funding and support for local emergency services including the police, fire and ambulance services, and sets national standards to make sure they are effective and consistent.

Detailed guides

  1. Preparation and planning for emergencies: responsibilities of responder agencies and others

    How the government prepares and plans for emergencies, working nationally, locally and co-operatively to ensure civil protection in the UK. Read more

  2. National Recovery Guidance: humanitarian issues

    Guidance primarily aimed at local responders covering some humanitarian issues that may arise during the Recovery Phase of an emergency in the UK. Read more

  3. National Recovery Guidance

    Guidance primarily aimed at local responders and developed in line with the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) on recovering from an emergency in the UK. Read more

  4. Risk assessment: how the risk of emergencies in the UK is assessed

    How the level of risk posed to the UK is assessed nationally and locally, covering the National Risk Assessment and National Risk Register. Read more

  5. Emergency response and recovery

    Guidance for staff of responder agencies, particularly senior officers or managers involved in emergency response and recovery preparations. Read more