Transcript of the Hearing 7 January 2014


           1                                        Tuesday, 7 January 2014

           2   (10.30 am)

           3   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  We'll have the cameras off then

           4       please and I will ask the jury to come back into court,

           5       please.

           6                  (In the presence of the jury)

           7   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  It is all very good to see all ten

           8       of you back here.  I wish you all a happy new year,

           9       members of the jury, and what I now propose to do is to

          10       say no more than to ask for the jury bailiffs to be

          11       sworn and for you to go off and continue and pick up

          12       where you left off before Christmas.

          13           So I will ask for the jury bailiffs to be sworn.

          14                  (The jury bailiffs were sworn)

          15   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  If you would like then to leave us

          16       and to continue on with the work you have been doing.

          17      (The jury retired to continue their deliberations at

          18                            10.31 am)

          19   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  I do not believe there is anything

          20       else that needs to be said at this juncture so I'll

          21       rise.  Thank you.

          22   (10.32 am)

          23                      (The court adjourned)

          24   (4.25 pm)

          25   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  Right, we'll have the jury back,


           1       please.

           2                  (The jury returned into court)

           3   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  Thank you very much, members of the

           4       jury.  Let me just say what I have said to you on

           5       previous evenings when we have separated for the

           6       evening.  It is very important perhaps this time for me

           7       to stress it once again.

           8           Three particular golden rules at the moment:

           9       firstly, please do not talk with anyone else about the

          10       case; secondly, please don't talk amongst yourselves

          11       about the case until we meet again tomorrow morning and

          12       then you'll continue on from where you are on at the

          13       moment; and the third rule, please, is just, as before,

          14       put the case out of your mind, do whatever else you are

          15       going to do on the evening and then come back tomorrow

          16       morning, refreshed again and on with the work tomorrow.

          17           So thank you very much for all the work that you are

          18       clearly doing at the moment on this matter and I shall

          19       ask you now to leave us and be ready to start again

          20       tomorrow morning at 10.30.  All right.  Thank you very

          21       much.


           5   (4.27 pm)

           6       (The Inquest adjourned until 10.30 am on Wednesday,

           7                         8 January 2014)