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Working for an MP who is standing down at the election

If your MP has taken the decision to stand down at the next election, this means you will no longer have an employer and your MP will have to make you redundant. This can be quite a difficult time for staff members and we want to help you as much as possible through the process.

The Personnel Advice Service (PAS) in the House of Commons and IPSA are offering meetings to standing down members and their staff, which will also cover other election matters, if your MP is standing down and hasn’t had one of these meetings, please contact Anna Simpson on 020 7811 6400.

Below are some questions you may have about your position as a staff member, but if you do not find your answer here, please email us.

When will be my last day of employment?

If your MP has meaningful work to do past the day of the election and they are still closing down their parliamentary affairs, then they may continue to employ you up until 2 months after the election if necessary.

What if my MP has questions on the redundancy process?

The Personnel Advice Service (PAS) in the House of Commons are best placed to advise your MP on this process because they can offer individual and confidential advice on employment matters. Please contact or 020 7219 2080.

IPSA can only give information on staffing figures, not HR advice.

When will I be paid until?

Staff members will be paid during dissolution as normal and up to two months after the Election, depending on when they are made redundant.

Will I still get a redundancy payment if I become an MP or move on to work for another MP?

Yes, you will receive your redundancy payment.

Will I have continuity of service if I work for a new MP?

No, as it is a new employment the staff member will need to be put on a new contract and job description for the new MP.

Can staff members take leave to campaign in the Election?


What if I have questions about my pensions?

Depending on who your pension provider is, please contact: Aviva on 0845 304 11 22 or Friends Life on 0845 300 3172.

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