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My Business Costs and Expenses


Your claims during the dissolution and election periods can be submitted under the normal expense categories. As usual, you have 90 days to submit your claims. After the election they are to be submitted under the Winding Up budget. Below are some questions you may have about your costs and expenses; if you do not find your answer here, please email us.

Outstanding loans/debts owed to IPSA

It is important to repay any amounts that are unsettled with IPSA (if applicable) promptly or to discuss with your dedicated IPSA Election Contact how you will repay the amounts. Repayments can be made by way of cheque or BACS and our bank details can be requested from your IPSA Election Contact.

Can I claim travel to Westminster after the election?

Yes, as long as it is for the purpose of winding up your Parliamentary functions. You should claim these costs from the Winding Up budget.

What if I share with someone else who's staying in the property after the election?

You should extricate yourself from the lease and arrange final payment of your share. You should obtain a final invoice from the landlord. You can then submit the invoice to IPSA for payment.

I have a deposit loan from IPSA, do I need to ask the landlord for the money back or will you?

You will need to ask the landlord for the deposit to be returned to you, so you can pay us back.

What if my deposit isn't refunded to me in full by my landlord?

We still expect the full amount of the deposit loan to be returned to us.

Can I use my Payment Card to pay for bills during dissolution and after the election?

You can continue to use your Payment Card and direct payment facilities for costs to support you in carrying out your parliamentary functions up until 8th July, but please consider whether this is the best option. Using the Payment Card after the election will delay how quickly you can wind up your affairs. For instance, if you use your card at the end of June 2015, we won't receive the statement from Barclaycard until the beginning of August 2015. You will then need to complete the reconciliation form and wait for us to process it. Please be mindful of this when using your card.

My office lease states that I need to cover the cost of 'making good dilapidations'. Will this cost be covered by my budgets?

If it is a requirement of your office lease, you can claim for the cost of making necessary changes to your office from your Winding Up budget after the election (if you incur these costs before the election, they can be claimed from your Office Costs budget). You should be careful not to cover costs of improvements which go beyond the terms of your lease.

What if I have a dispute with the landlord about these 'dilapidations'? Can you provide any advice?

If you need to, you may claim the costs of seeking legal advice about the dispute, but we can’t provide any advice.

Can I cover the cost of professionally cleaning my constituency office?

Yes under the Winding Up budget. You cannot, however, claim for professional cleaning for your accommodation.

I've paid and claimed for an annual service which extends beyond the election and winding-up period, should I seek a refund?

Yes, please contact the company to seek a refund and forward a cheque to us for the amount you receive.

Can I use IPSA purchased paper and stamps to inform people/constituents I am standing down?

Yes, as long as the content is not party political.

If I have to cancel my lease for office equipment early due to the election, will you pay any termination fees?

Yes, if you can demonstrate that these costs were unavoidable.

When should I give notice to my office and accommodation landlords?

We strongly advise you check all leases (accommodation, office and any others) to find out your notice period. It is vital that you give your landlord sufficient notice so that your notice period doesn't extend beyond the winding-up period. We will only cover rent for up to two months after the Election, so if you give notice too late you will be liable for the additional costs.

For example: If your office lease has a 6 month notice period, you should serve notice no later than 8th January 2015, as this is 6 months before 8th July 2015 (the last day of the winding up period if the Election was on 7th May 2015).

What happens to my IT equipment?

All PICT-owned equipment (including laptops) will be collected by PICT. Once PICT have collected the equipment, all remaining data will be securely wiped – it is advisable to get in contact with Andrew Morrison on 020 7219 8808. If you purchased equipment from your IPSA budgets, we would encourage you to pass it on to the next MP or donate it to charity.

Can I claim for data cleansing of IPSA purchased computers and laptops?

Yes, you can claim this from your Winding-Up budget.

Can I claim for removal costs?

You can claim for removal costs from your Westminster office to the Constituency and also from the Constituency office to another location. You may also claim removal costs from your accommodation funded by IPSA to another location. If necessary, temporary storage costs can also be claimed while you close down your offices. The costs can be claimed from Contingency (if prior to the election) or from your Winding-Up budget (if after the election).

What happens to my Employment Practice Liability (EPL) insurance contract with Jelf?

For MPs who already have EPL insurance, you were asked if you wish to continue to purchase the policy for the next year earlier this year. If you purchased the policy, it was automatically renewed on 9th August 2014 to last until 8th August 2015.

Should you leave Parliament the policy will automatically go into a 'run off' period on 8th July 2015 (which is the end of winding-up period) to 8th August 2015. This will protect you from allegations made between the 8th July 2015 and the 8th August 2015. There was also an option to purchase 'further run off' cover to extend from 9th August 2015 to 8th August 2016 (which means you are protected from allegations for a longer period for acts committed while you were an MP). If you agreed to the further run off cover then this amount will be taken from your Winding Up budget in May 2015.

If you would like to check if you have extended run off cover, please email Anita Chana at

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