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As the employer of your staff, it is your responsibility to make your staff members redundant if you are no longer an MP. Please only keep your staff for as long as you need them to close down your parliamentary functions. If needed, you may keep staff members as late as 8 July to help close down your parliamentary functions. Below are some questions you may have about your staff; if you do not find your answer here, please email us or contact your election contact.


What happens to my staff now that I am leaving Parliament?

You will have to make your staff redundant. Members' HR Advice Service in the House of Commons is best placed to advise you on this process; they can offer individual and confidential advice on employment matters. Please contact Members' HR on or 020 7219 2080. IPSA can only give information on staffing figures, not HR advice.


What documents do IPSA need from me to make my staff redundant?

We need a Leavers Form and a notice letter for each member of staff. PAS can give you more guidance on how to complete these, and can give you a template notice letter.

Until when will my staff members be paid?

Staff members will be paid for up to two months after the election, depending on when they are made redundant.

What if something happens to one of my staff during the Winding-Up period?

Please speak to PAS in the House, which is best placed to give you advice. You would, however, be allowed to recruit a temporary member of staff if needed and put them on the IPSA payroll. The instructions on how to set up a new staff member on our payroll can be found here.​

Will my staff still get a redundancy payment if they become an MP or move on to work for another MP?

Yes, they will receive their redundancy payment as becoming an MP, or working for another MP, is seen as new employment.

Will my staff have continuity of service if they work for a new MP?

No, it is a new employment. The staff member will need to be put on a new IPSA contract and job description for their work with the new MP.

What can you offer my staff to help them through the process of redundancy?

The House of Commons has set up an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This is a confidential helpline by Health Assured where staff can discuss personal and professional issues. They can be contacted on 0800 030 5182 or

What if my staff have questions about pensions?

Depending on who their pension provider is, please advise them to contact: Aviva on 0845 304 11 22, or Friends Life on 0845 300 3172.

Can I give a Reward and Recognition payment after the Election?


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