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My Salary

Your salary, will be paid, up to, and including polling day (your salary for the first seven days of May will be paid at the end of the month as usual).  You will be paid until the date you stop being an MP, which is 7 May, and not beyond that. If you chaired a Select Committee, or were a member of the Panel of Chairs, your salary for these activities have stopped from the date of dissolution.

Will I get a resettlement payment?

You will receive a resettlement payment, which is equivalent to a month’s salary for each year of service, capped at 6 months. Resettlement payments are only paid to an MP once all tasks to wind up parliamentary affairs are completed, these include:

      Issuing redundancy notices to staff and notified IPSA.

      Repaying outstanding amounts to IPSA.

      Submitting all expense claims.

      Caring out all administrative tasks, such as reconciling IPSA payment card.

When do I get my P45?

P45s will be sent out shortly after your final pay.

I have some questions about my pensions, whom do I contact?

The House of Commons Pensions Unit: or 020 7219 2106.

What if I start a new job immediately after the Election? Who will look after my staff and close down my office?

You are responsible for the closing down of your office and making your staff redundant, so you will need to make time for these tasks.

What role does IPSA play and what role does PAS play?

At IPSA we administer and run the payroll, whilst PAS (the Personnel Advice Service, which is part of the House) provide HR advice. We will endeavour to work together to provide you with the assistance you need, but you should be aware that IPSA is unable to provide HR advice.

When will I receive my P60?

P60s will be processed mid-May and sent out shortly after.​

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