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Office Costs Expenditure

You may use your Office Costs Expenditure budget for items required to carry out your parliamentary functions as normal. The restriction on capital expenditure purchases has now been removed and claims may submitted in accordance with the general conditions of the rules.

IPSA funded equipment (including equipment, stationery or other supplies) should not have been used for any campaigning activities. This also included your IPSA-funded office space: you must ensure that any rental cost incurred in your parliamentary capacity should not have been used for political purposes during and after the dissolution period.

For example, the following was restricted:

• Use of IPSA-funded printer cartridges to print campaign material;
• Writing speeches or other campaigning material on your IPSA-funded computers or iPad; or
• Holding campaign planning meetings in your IPSA-funded office during office hours.
If you have not yet claimed the expense or cost, you should only claim the amount which relates to your parliamentary functions.

Any amounts previously claimed in error should be repaid to IPSA via cheque or BACS payment using the IPSA repayment form.

There is a slightly different procedure if you use the IPSA direct payment system to pay for office rent.

As we would have paid the full rent to your landlord directly, you will need to repay a relevant proportion of your rent if you used your office for any political activity. So, if in a month you use 25% of the working hours for election campaigning purposes, you must repay to us a quarter of the rent for that month.

Registering your Property

New Registrations

We have simplified the way you register properties, and you are now only required to complete a Property Rental Form, which will also include the options to apply for Direct Rental Payments, as well as a Deposit Loan. There is no longer a need to complete the online registration form unless you will be claiming hotel stays or associated expenditure.

Please note that this process is only necessary for registering a new property. You are not required to complete to this form to replace any current arrangements you already have in place.

If you require a deposit to secure the property before you will receive a signed lease, we will accept an unsigned lease at this point. However, you will not be able to set up Direct Rental Payments or claim for rent until we have received a signed copy.

Once we have received your application, you will receive confirmation of the new registration, and of the dates we will be making any payments (direct rental payments and deposit loans if applicable).

Amending/ Cancelling Direct Payments

If you need to amend or cancel a Direct Rental Payment you currently have set up, we require you to send us either an email or a letter 2 weeks before the next rental period to confirm this.
When we receive your instruction, you will receive a case number for your request, and also the name of the Election Contact/ MP Support Officer dealing with your query. Please quote this number/ contact’s name when contacting us. Once your request has been implemented, you will receive confirmation.

Any overpayment that occurs due to IPSA not being notified in time to implement the change must be retrieved from the landlord and repaid to IPSA. Until this money has been returned, you will be liable for this payment. When making these repayments, please quote the case number provided to you.


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