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What happens to my salary?


Salaries will continue as normal following your re-election. The House of Commons will notify us once you have taken the Oath after being elected and this will trigger the salary payments.


An MP’s annual salary is £67,060 for 2015-16.


What support can I get from IPSA?


As a re-elected MP, IPSA will continue to provide you with the necessary support in making your expense claims, as well as continuing to develop our relationship further. In the new Parliament, we will be introducing a few new features to our service to you:


·         Returning Members’ Area: Room R PCH 18th to 22nd May
We are offering a tailored drop-in service to provide you and your staff with advice on your claims and expenses, payroll and budgets. If you cannot make this week, you can make an appointment with the MP Support team.

·         Refresher Training
IPSA will be running several open day events for constituency staff, in the regions across the UK. We will be delivering group sessions on using the online expenses system, understanding the Scheme rules and addressing your questions and concerns. We are also available for one-to-one training sessions on our systems for yourself and your staff, at Westminster or at IPSA.

·         Online Videos
You can find videos to assist you with making your expense claims on our YouTube channel ‘Ipsa UK’​.


Payment Card & Direct Payments


If you already have your payment card then you can continue to use it to meet any costs claimable under the Scheme.


Our Direct Payment facility will run as normal, we will continue to pay rent directly to your landlord for your office and residential accommodation. We will also maintain the direct payment accounts for travel and stationery expenses via TrainLine, Banner, XMA and Commercial.


If you do not have a payment card or direct payment arrangements, please get in touch with us so that we can set you up with these and help you manage your cash flow so you do not pay for costs incurred upfront.


We can also offer you a short term loan with an upper limit of £4,000 if necessary, however please note that the repayment of this requires salary deductions with immediate effect.


You must make claims for reimbursement within 90 days of the transaction date and provide evidence for purchases or services received.​

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MPs' Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses Seventh Edition (2015-16).pdf
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