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Staffing Expenditure

Permanent staff will continue to be paid from your staffing budget unless you instructed us to make an amendment to salary or hours. Any amendments will need to be supported by the relevant form instructions before the payroll cut-off date. The payroll cut off remains the same as 15th of each month (or the Friday before if the 15th falls on a weekend).

However please be aware that the timesheet cut off has now been brought into line with the payroll cut off and is the same as the above. Please refer to the timetable on our website and also the first bulletin published after the election for further information regarding this.

There are now standard forms for all payroll changes on our website that must be completed, scanned or posted to us. We will only accept changes in this format and not from an email. This is to ensure consistency and that we have all the relevant information required to make the requested changes.

If, after the election, you realise that your staff members did undertake campaigning activities while on paid IPSA time, you must either:
• arrange for the time to be deducted from their annual leave entitlement; or
• tell us so that we can make adjustments to their pay.

Please contact the MP support team with any questions you have. You can call us on 0207 811 6400 or email us at​

Fixed Term Contract Extension Form.pdf
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Online Timesheets - User Guide.pdf
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Salary or Hours Amendment Form.pdf
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