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Office Costs Expenditure (OCE)

All MPs are eligible to receive the Office Costs Expenditure (OCE) budget to meet the costs of renting, equipping and running a constituency office. MPs are entitled to exercise discretion over claims for items that meet the purposes of the OCE budget, provided that the claims meet the conditions set out in the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses, including the fundamental principles.


The annual budgets for 2015-16 are:


London Area MP:         £26,050 (per annum) (New MPs: £23,879)

Non London Area MP:   £23,400 (per annum) (New MPs: £21,450)


How do I set up my Constituency Office?

Once you have decided on a property you would like to rent as a constituency office, you will need to register the office with IPSA by submitting a signed lease agreement and completing a Property Rental Form (please see the links on this page). We can either make direct rental payments to your landlord or reimburse you for the rental payments. For us to set up direct rental payments we will need you to specify this on the Property Rental Form and complete the relevant fields.


If working from home is more convenient for you, you can register your home as a ‘Home Office’. By doing this you will be eligible to claim for some utilities related to the running of an office, for example, rental and usage costs for telephone and internet access. Please ask your IPSA Election Contact (IEC) for more details on how to register a home office.


You will also receive an email with log in details in your first week as an MP from your IPSA Election Contact, for some online direct payments to stationery and office consumables suppliers. These include: Banner (office stationery), Commercial (office stationery) and XMA (printer consumables). We offer an account to every MP. You will then be able to use their online ordering facilities and IPSA will be invoiced directly. When using these suppliers you will not need to provide IPSA with receipts or evidence after making your orders.

 Please refer to the ‘Office Costs’ in the links on this page or chapter six of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses.


Start Up budget


As a new MP you will also be entitled to a Start-Up budget for the first 365 days after being elected. This budget is intended to meet the costs of ‘big ticket’ items, such as computers, desks, re-decoration etc., which you may need to purchase when you are setting up your office. It should not be used to cover the general running costs of your office, which you should claim from your OCE budget instead.


The budgets are:


Start Up budget £6,000 (for new MPs for 365 days after being elected).


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