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My Salary & Expenses


How do I receive my salary?


IPSA is responsible for paying your salary; we pay this monthly into your chosen bank account on the last working day of the month. After the General Election, the House of Commons will notify us once you have taken the Oath, or affirmed, and this will trigger the salary payments. If you take the Oath after 21 May 2015, you will receive an advance salary payment as your first month’s pay – this will be paid in the first week of June 2015.


In order to set you up to receive your salary, we need you to supply us with your UK bank account details, and a P45 or HMRC starter checklist (including your National Insurance number). Please bring these with you to the New Members’ Reception Area (NMRA) after the Election.


How do I claim expenses?


The MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses, ‘the Scheme’ sets the rules for funding of MPs in support of their parliamentary functions.

We require evidence to be provided for claims made. This includes any purchases you make using the IPSA Payment Card (a credit card we offer which is operated by Barclaycard – see below).  Please therefore retain all receipts and invoices for the costs you incur.

As a new MP, you and your staff will receive one-to-one training from an IPSA Election Contact (IEC) on what business costs and expenses you are eligible to claim under the Scheme and how to make claims on the online expenses system. We will also advise you about the various ways you can ease manage your budgets to run your office and carry out your parliamentary functions.


When you arrive at the NMRA, you will meet your dedicated IEC, who will be on hand to advise you about how best to make expense claims during the first few months after the Election.


You should receive your one-to-one training within three weeks of your arrival at Westminster. Your IEC will arrange a time suitable for you. We will also be holding group seminars about the Scheme after the Election in Westminster, which we recommend you come along to. Details of these can be found on the calendar of events. You will get further details about these sessions and individual training meetings from your IEC.



Cash Flow


You can be reimbursed by IPSA for an expense, but we also offer several payment methods which means that you don’t have to make an upfront payment.


The Payment Card. This is a credit card which you can use to pay for all allowable expenses, instead of paying the supplier yourself and then claiming reimbursement. When you use the card, we pay Barclaycard direct for your purchases. Once a month, you will need to complete a reconciliation form and send us the receipts for your purchases. At the NMRA you will be asked if you require a Payment Card and, if so, we will set it up for you.


Direct rental payments for your accommodation and constituency office rent. We can make direct payments to your landlord for either your constituency office or your residential accommodation at your request. Your IEC will be able to advise you about how to go about doing this and what documentation we will need from you.


Direct payments to some suppliers. We have direct payment options and accounts with the following suppliers that may be useful to you. These include: Banner (office stationery), Commercial (office stationery) and XMA (printer consumables).You will then be able to use their online ordering facilities and IPSA will be invoiced directly. Again, your IEC will be able to explain how you use each one and provide you with your account details.


For travel costs IPSA offer a direct payment service for the Trainline, we can issue MPs with online account details for using this service. By booking your travel this way, MPs do not need to provide receipts, tickets or evidence for their transactions as all of this information is recorded via trainline.


Short Term Advance Loan

We can also offer you a short term advance loan to assist with cash flow in the first few months in Parliament. If you would like to use this facility please complete the Short Term Loan application form and send it in to us.​


Budget Sheet 2015-16.pdf
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HMRC Starter Checklist.pdf
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How to complete your Payment Card.pdf
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MPs' Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses Seventh Edition (2015-16).pdf
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New MP FAQ's.pdf
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Payment Card Terms.pdf
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Quick Guide to Managing Your Finances.pdf
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Short Term Advance Loan Form.pdf
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Summary of the Scheme (April 2015).pdf
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