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Accommodation expenditure

What are my accommodation options?

The Accommodation Expenditure budget is designed to help MPs with the costs of overnight accommodation, whilst they are carrying out their parliamentary functions. You are only eligible to claim for accommodation if you are not a London Area MP. The budget is £20,600 (new MPs: £18,883) plus a supplement of up to £2,425 (£2,223) a year for each dependant you care for. You will need to certify that the dependant routinely lives with you.

You can choose to claim for accommodation costs either in London, or your constituency (but not both). The quick guide to accommodation, which can be found in the quick links on this page, will help you make your decision. Please refer to the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’) for full details of the rules​.

Eligible MPs can claim for accommodation in one of three ways:

·         for a rental property, along with its “associated expenditure” (such as utilities, council tax and service charges);

·         for hotel accommodation costs; or

·         for associated expenditure only, if they own their own property.

Hotel accommodation

MPs can choose to stay in hotels when carrying out their parliamentary functions. We will cover £150 per night for a hotel stay in London and £120 per night for a hotel stay outside London.

Separate charges for room service, breakfast or similar add-ons will not be paid. We will only pay if they are included in the overnight hotel rate.


Renting a property

MPs who are eligible for claiming accommodation costs can choose to rent a property in either London or their constituency. MPs can authorise IPSA to pay their landlord directly and a deposit loan can also be made available for the property. If you would like us to pay your landlord directly, you will need to complete a Property Rental Form and send to us the relevant documents such as a signed lease. The link to the Property Rental Form is in the links on this page.

Associated expenditure only

If you already own a home in London or your constituency (or within a 20 mile radius), and you stay there routinely whilst on parliamentary business, you can claim for associated expenditure. The budget for associated expenditure is up to £8,850 per year.  The budget includes the following:

·         utility bills (gas, electricity, other fuel and water); and

·         ground rent and service charges.


The annual budgets for 2015-16 are:

Renting a property in the London area £20,600 (per annum) (New MPs: £18,883)

Renting a property outside of London – refer to Annex B of the Scheme (available at the bottom of the page)

Associated costs only £8,850 (per annum)

Hotel costs - up to £150 per night in London and £120 per night outside London

Dependant uplifts £2,425 per dependant (New MPs: £2,223)


Chapter 4 of the Scheme contains further details about how you can use your accommodation budget. Your IPSA election contact will also be able to answer questions you may have.


London Area Living Payment

London Area MPs are not eligible for overnight accommodation costs. However, London Area MPs (or MPs who do not claim for accommodation costs) are eligible to claim the London Area Living Payment (LALP) to help cover the additional costs of living and travelling in London. MPs who represent constituencies on the fringes of the London Area can receive an additional payment. The lists of London Area and Outer London Area MPs can be found at Schedules 1 and 2 of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses respectively. If you are eligible for LALP/OLALP you will need to tell us of your decision to receive this and we shall include this in your salary.


The current annual amounts are:

London Area Living Payment (LALP) £3,760 (per annum) (New MPs: £3,447)

Outer London Area Living Payment (OLALP) an additional £1,330 (per annum)​ (New MPs: £1,219)

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