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Code for Sustainable Homes: Associated Documents

Dim ar gael Cyfieithu Cymraeg

Dim ond yn Saesneg y mae’r adran hon o’r wefan ar gael ar hyn o bryd. Hoffem ymddiheuro am unrhyw drafferth y mae hynny’n ei beri.

Following a fundamental review of technical housing standards, the government has withdrawn the Code for Sustainable Homes, aside from the management of legacy cases.

View further information on GOV.UK.

Buyer's Guide to a Greener Home
The Department has funded the production of The Sponge Buyer's Guide To A Greener Home, which gives buyers of new homes the confidence and the knowledge to buy a greener, more sustainable, home.

The Sponge Buyer's Guide To A Greener Home

Case Studies
This publication sets out a number of detailed case studies on actual Code Homes. The case studies show the different ways of achieving various levels of the Code and also highlights potential pit-falls for developers. Published 3 March 2009.

New Non-Domestic Buildings
This report prepared by UK-GBC for Communities and Local Government investigates the opportunities for achieving zero carbon in new non domestic buildings. Following on from the targets set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes to achieve radical emissions reductions in new homes. Published 17 December 2007.

Carbon Reductions in New Non-Domestic Buildings: UK-Green Building Council (UK-GBC) Report



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