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Code for Sustainable Homes

Following a fundamental review of technical housing standards, the government has withdrawn the Code for Sustainable Homes, aside from the management of legacy cases.

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Code for Sustainable Homes - Introduction

The Code measures the sustainability of a new home against nine categories of sustainable design, rating the 'whole home' as a complete package.

Code for Sustainable Homes: Guidance

The Code for Sustainable Homes: Technical guide sets out the requirements for the Code, and the process by which a Code assessment is reached. It aims to make gaining a Code assessment as simple, transparent and rigorous as possible.

Code for Sustainable Homes: Associated Documents

Related publications, including case studies and reports.

Code for Sustainable Homes: Consultations

Read about the consultations relating to the Code.

Code for Sustainable Homes: Background

The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched as part of a package of measures towards zero carbon development, including an overarching consultation: Building A Greener Future on the shift to zero carbon.


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