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Department of Health

Think autism: updating the 2010 adult autism strategy

Checking progress

These are the actions we will take to help the local implementation of the adult autism strategy

The cross-Government Autism Programme Board, chaired by Norman Lamb MP the Minister of State for Care and Support, has played an important role since 2010 in overseeing progress on the strategy and it will continue to do so. We will also continue to operate transparently ensuring that all papers from the Programme Board are publicly available on GOV.UK.

Later in 2014/15, we will be advertising for new members to join the Board to take us into this next phase (this is Action 2). The Board will receive regular reports on progress against the actions and will hold those responsible for action to account for delivering these commitments. We will publish a summary of progress against these actions by August 2015 (this is Action 3).

Locally, we intend to continue to run the local area self-evaluation exercise and to make public the responses. We will look at ways to strengthen the way this information is brought together with other sources and made available for local people and autism groups to enable them to hold their local areas to account on their reports of progress.

The Autism Act requires us to review the Autism Strategy periodically and we propose that the next review of the strategy should take place within the next 5 years.

It is central to the strategy that all actions, nationally and locally, should be taken forward in a co-productive way that involves and engages people with autism and their families and carers as partners, respecting the insight and expertise that their experience and lives bring.