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Department of Health

Think autism: updating the 2010 adult autism strategy


This table gives a summary of the actions we will take to help local implementation of the strategy. It shows who is leading on each action and the timescale they are working to.


1 Issue statutory guidance to support the updated strategy. DH December 2014
2 Advertise for new members to join the Autism Programme Board. DH By end of Summer 2014
3 Publish a summary of progress DH August 2015
4 Provide further information on the Autism Innovation Fund DH By end of June 2014
5 Provide further information on the Autism Awareness and Champions programme. DH By end of June 2014
6 Issue a guide on how to include young people with autism in the development of the local offer. NAS (funded by DfE) Summer 2014
7 Issue the 3rd Autism self-assessment exercise for local areas. Public Health England, supported by DH, NHS England, ADASS and the LGA. November 2014
8 Bring together information on progress locally in a single place digitally so that it is easily accessible, and people with autism can rate services and to allow comparison. Public Health England, with support from DH, NHS England and NAS By end of March 2015
9 Explore the feasibility of research to review the effectiveness of low level interventions aimed at adults with autism who do not meet FACS social criteria. DH By end of March 2015
10 Assist with the promotion of Autism Passports being developed by Baroness Browning and NAS. DH By end of March 2015
11 Staff in DH to have access to training on autism and work with DH’s arm’s length bodies on including autism in their equality and diversity training. DH By end of December 2014
12 Guidance and e-learning products developed as a result of the strategy to be publicised across Government Departments. DH By June 2014
13 Develop an aide-memoire and support material for prosecutors, highlighting key issues, implications for the prosecution process and sources of support for people with autism. CPS Autumn 2014
14 Report on their review of bus driver disability awareness training to the Autism programme Board. DfT March 2015
15  Bring together other equality groups and networks with autism groups to (i) build partnerships and (ii) gather case studies. DH March 2015
16 Issue guide summarising recent guidelines on autism diagnostic commissioning. Joint Commissioning Panel of the Royal Colleges of Psychiatrists and GPs September 2014
17 The Autism Programme Board to be updated by NHS England on how they are driving up quality in autism diagnostic services, and by the CQC in its wider statutory role in primary and secondary care in driving up quality. NHS England and CQC By end 2015
18 Through the RCGP autism clinical priority programme to look at the feasibility of introducing a Read Code for Autism. DH, NHS England and the RCGPs March 2017
19 Establish a data and information working group to include DWP, DfE and others to report to the Autism Programme Board on available data sources for LAs on people with autism. DH and Public Health England November 2014
20 Commission the scoping and development of a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework for social workers, with an early priority being the development of CPD materials to improve the knowledge and skills of social workers working with people with autism. DH December 2014
21 Provide support to update the e-learning training developed under the 2010 strategy. DH March 2015
22 Ensure that the LA autism self-evaluation includes carers. DH To be issued in November 2014
23 Report to the Autism Programme Board on the wider changes to the SEND reforms and related issues for people with autism. DfE To agree issues to be reported back on by end of June 2014, and to report back by March 2015
24 Seek feedback on the type of apprenticeships being offered to people with autism, and discuss the findings and issues further with BIS. DH/BIS September 2014
25 Work with NAS so the findings from their report Getting on? Growing Older With Autism are embedded across future work. DH March 2015
26 Establish a Cross Government Group to consider and take forward issues to do with autism and the criminal justice system and report on progress to the Autism Programme Board, including  issues such as training and awareness, screening, reasonable adjustments, and the use of IT systems to better support people with autism within the CJS. MoJ By the end of  2014/15
27 Work with the College of Policing to update and add to their mental health e-learning training which includes autism for new police officers, look at evidence based advice for managing autism within justice settings, and whether the markers on local police force systems used for offenders with mental health or learning difficulties can be extended for those with autism. Home Office By end of October 2014
28 Examine and share good practice in prisons towards prisoners with autism. National Offender Management Service During 2014/15
29 Report back to the Autism Programme Board on the impact that the mandatory assessment of function skills for all prisoners from August 2014 has had on identifying prisoners with autism. National Offender Management Service During 2015/16
30 Consider whether autism awareness training can be built into the work of the new Institute of Probation, and, where appropriate look to place relevant information in to the Transforming Rehabilitation data room. MoJ The end of March 2015 and the end of April 2014.
31 Evaluate the NAS brokerage and personalisation project with other stakeholders in order to embed learning in developing further models. DH and NAS December 2016
32 Respond to the results of NAS pilot on new training in autism for Disability Employment Advisors. DWP May 2014
33 Produce an action plan based on the outcomes from the DWP/DH/NAS autism and employment event in March 2014 and report back to the Autism Programme Board on progress made in taking forward operational changes and reasonable adjustments to enable people with autism to have better access to job opportunities. DWP November 2014