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Department of Health

Medical Innovation Bill: Will it encourage responsible innovation and help prevent what's irresponsible? Please give us your views

Having an impact

Have you read ‘Is there a problem?’ and ‘What should the bill say?’

If the Bill is put on the statute book, it could come into force two months later. This would give professional bodies a reasonable amount of time to produce guidance. The Bill will only have its intended effect if it’s communicated effectively to doctors. So we are keen to hear your ideas on the best way to do this.

Question 6: If the draft Bill becomes law, do you have any views on the best way to communicate its existence to doctors?

We would welcome views on whether there are further steps, in addition to what is included in this Bill that would help encourage responsible innovation.

Question 7: To reinforce this legislation, are there other things that need to happen to encourage responsible innovation?

Impact of the proposed legislation

The draft impact assessment sets out some initial thoughts on the effects (both good and bad, intended and unintended) that the Bill might have, and the equality analysis provides some initial thoughts on the effect it might have on equality.

Question 8: Do you have any comments on the draft impact assessment and equality analysis?

Finally, we would like your views on whether the draft Bill should become law.

Question 9: Overall, do you agree the draft Bill should become law?

Any other comments?