The Red Tape Challenge Reports on Progress

Challenge Results

Red Tape Challenge Results

The Red Tape Challenge headline results can be seen as an infographic. More detailed information is available as downloads.

Read more about the results

Our Announcement

David Cameron

David Cameron spoke in January to the Federation of Small Businesses and announced the successes to date of the Red Tape Challenge programme.

Read the Prime Minister’s announcement.

How the Red Tape Challenge worked

1. We published

Every few weeks we published online the regulations affecting you on a rolling thematic basis. Find out more about the Red Tape Challenge

2. You responded

You told us which regulations were working, which were not, what should be scrapped, what should be simplified, and what could be done differently.

3. We acted

Based on your feedback, we have started getting rid of unnecessary red tape – freeing up business and society from the burden of excessive regulation.

Keep in touch with the Red Tape Challenge

All comments posted on this website were public to promote an open discussion of ways in which the aims of existing regulation can be fulfilled in the least burdensome way possible. The themes are now closed for comment but you can still send a contribution via our e-mail inbox. To keep in touch via social media, please click the links below.

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