About Red Tape Challenge

Good regulation is a good thing. It protects consumers, employees and the environment, it helps build a more fair society and can even save lives. But over the years, regulations – and the inspections and bureaucracy that go with them – have piled up and up. This has hurt business, doing real damage to our economy. And it’s done harm to our society too. When people are confronted by a raft of regulations whenever they try to volunteer or play a bigger part in their neighbourhood, they begin to think they shouldn’t bother.

If we want to reverse this trend and encourage greater responsibility in our society, then we have got to trust people and give them more freedom to do the right thing. So this government has set a clear aim: to leave office having reduced the overall burden of regulation. The Red Tape Challenge was introduced to give business and the general public the opportunity to challenge the Government to get rid of burdensome regulations, to boost business and economic growth and to save taxpayers money.

On 27 January 2014, the Prime Minister announced that we had achieved the target of identifying 3,000 pieces of regulation to be scrapped or improved, with the help of input from the public, business, and other organisations through the Red Tape Challenge. By January 2014 we had already abolished or simplified 800 regulations. See the Prime Minister’s announcement here.To date, this has saved business £1.5bn.

To understand how the process works, visit the “How it works” page here

This site is designed to promote open discussion of ways in which the aims of existing regulation can be fulfilled in the least burdensome way possible. The presence of a particular regulation or law on this website should not be read as implying any intention on the part of the Government to remove that regulation or law from the statute book. The purpose of this exercise is to open government up to the public.

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