HMRC Criminal Investigation

HMRC is responsible for investigating crime involving all of the taxes and other regimes it deals with. Based on the outcome of HMRC’s investigations a decision on whether to bring a criminal prosecution is made by the UK’s independent prosecuting authorities. In England and Wales this is the Crown Prosecution Service. In Northern Ireland it is the Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland. In Scotland it is the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

This site provides information on successful criminal prosecutions resulting from HMRC activity. HMRC will add more criminal case information on a monthly basis.

The map display uses Google Maps and for case information uses the date format month/day/year.

For security, legal and other reasons, HMRC does not publish all the details of all successful criminal prosecutions. Therefore, this map does not display or reflect all tax-related offences within the UK.

This site is launched as a pilot and we welcome your feedback and comments.

For more information on HMRC’s role visit GOV.UK.

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