Smarter Data

Smarter Data is simplfiying the information that businesses submit to Defra and its regulators to ensure we only ask for information that is needed and used and that it’s as easy as it should be to submit.

We have produced a report that sets out the measures that we are going to implement to simplify the environmental, marine and carbon related information that businesses submit to Defra and its regulators.

This report is available below.

Implementation plan

Update to the report
We have now completed our review of Defra’s remaining information obligations and measures to simplify farming and animal health information are now available as annex to the main report.
Phase 2 – Farming and animal health information requests

Background to the report

We commissioned independent experts in regulatory compliance from WSP Ltd to undertake a Zero Based Review of all Defra and its agencies’ information requests and formulate initial recommendations for reform.

Proposals were developed through a rigorous process of analysis and detailed discussions with the businesses who submit the information, the regulators who ask for, manage and use the information and with policymakers. Proposals for each area were subject to a robust internal challenge process and informed by further feedback from interviews with industry representatives.

Following this process, WSP Ltd produced a set of recommendations which we published online and on which we invited further feedback from industry, regulators and policy officials. These proposals cover the following areas:

After considering this feedback we have produced an implementation plan to include the measures that genuinely reduce costs or make it easier for businesses. Measures were excluded from the plan if the costs and implementation challenges were disproportionate to the benefits.