Inquiry seminars - overview

The Inquiry held a series of seven seminars, beginning on 13 October 2011, to explore the 'forward-looking' part of the Inquiry's terms of reference. 

The seminars were held to enable a broader discussion on some of the key themes raised by the evidence, and to give the Inquiry an opportunity to engage some of the wider stakeholders in health and draw on their experience and expertise. The seminars did not make recommendations to the Chairman, but have provided ideas and information that will form part of the material to be considered by him as he drafts his final report.

A report of the seminars is available here:

Inquiry forward look seminars - report*

In addition to the papers and presentations formally considered at each seminar, several invitees and participants also submitted their own further reflections and material for the Chairman to consider.  These are available at the following link:

Inquiry seminars - additional information submitted

Participation in the seminars was by invitation only.  However, a number of places were made available for members of the public to attend as observers. 

More information about the seminars is contained in the attached Q&A.

Seminar Q&A


*Correction: in Annex E of the report (list of attendees at the nursing seminar), Elaine Stevenson's job title should read Head of Project Development (Policy) at the National Clinical Assessment Service