Living Well for Longer – One year on

The culmination of the Secretary of State for Health’s cross system initiative to drive improvements further and faster in reducing premature mortality, was published on 25th March 2015.

Living Well for Longer – One year on,, reports on commitments made by the Department of Health, NHS England and PHE to deliver those national actions that would complement and support the actions of a newly devolved health and care system at the local level to help people live well for longer by reducing premature deaths from the five biggest killers, cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory and liver disease. The Secretary of State’s challenge to the health and care system back in 2013 was to place prevention, early diagnosis and better quality treatment at the forefront of future plans to place England amongst the best in Europe at reducing premature mortality by 2020.

Taking a whole system approach, the DH in partnership with NHS England and PHE has led a holistic collaboration with our health professional and charity partners across the wider health and care system resulting in a climate that can easily adopt the focus prevention we now see through the “5 Year Forward View” and PHE’s recently published forward look “Evidence into Action”.

The programmes strategic approach promoted open, honest and dynamic dialogue, an approach our stakeholders supported. Together with our stakeholders we understand the areas we need to focus on, we are building the evidence base of what works, and are agreed about the benefits of working as a broad coalition to implement the processes, services and systems. We would like to thank our stakeholders for the incredible job they do, and for the support they have given the programme in delivering the ambition.

Living Well for Longer: One year on reports on the actions of new health and care system and sets us on a new path of collective and aligned effort. The document sets out the next steps for shared system leadership, accountability and transparency as well as putting prevention first.

For the future, the Department’s role will be to hold partners to account to deliver the ambition as steward of the health and care system. There is now a shared vision and commitment, and the Department will continue to be an active partner in the collaborative effort to support people living healthier for longer.

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