Living longer

Too many people are dying too young from diseases that are largely avoidable. Last year, in England, more than 75% of all deaths in people under 75 were as a result of the 5 big killers (cancer, stroke and heart, liver and respiratory diseases).

In response to the challenges that Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State, set last year in Living Well for Longer: A Call to Action on Avoidable Premature Mortality we launched Living Well for Longer: National Support for Local Action to Reduce Premature Avoidable Mortality (LWFL) at the Health and Care Partnership in April 2014.

LWFL brings together the national actions taken by the Department of Health and wider Government, NHS England and PHE, in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the five big killers, and shows how they will support local leadership and interventions. It is designed as a resource for readers to see what national policy actions and support is available for delivering local priorities, as well as examples of good practice and resources that might help local commissioning and service delivery.

We will not be one of the best immediately but if we are to make improvements we must start now.

Watch Jeremy Hunt explaining his ambitions around reducing avoidable mortality