Health apps library launches

The NHS Commissioning Board launched the first iteration of its new health apps library at  Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013 this week.

The Health Apps Library, which will help the public find safe and trusted apps to help manage their health, currently includes about 70 apps to provide advice and support for a range of conditions, access to online services and general health and fitness information.

Visitors to Expo could see the launch of 10 new apps, several of which have been developed by UK companies.

These include:

  • HealthFabric – allows people to create and share online care plans with their clinician, aimed at people with dementia and other long-term conditions. It is currently available through 7 clinical commissioning groups in the Midlands.
  • eRedbook – the first digital version of the current Personal Child Health Record. The record, held by the parents of the child, can be updated by the parents to include general information of a child’s health, growth, immunisations and development after the child visits a health professional. This is being trialled in 4 areas – Rotherham, Grampian, Liverpool and South Warwickshire.
  • Patient Access Mobile- allows patients to get GP services such as appointment and repeat prescriptions booking through your phone. It is free and available at any practice that has activated EMIS patient access, which is the computer system that GPs use.
  • PatientsKnowBest – Allows patients to get their lab results and send secure messages to their doctors and nurses. It is being trialled across 20 hospitals and 8 clinical commissioning groups.
  • Well Happy – Helps young people to find help when they need it. It will link young people to local mental health, sexual health and substance misuse services in London.
  • RallyRound – allows invited family, neighbours and friends to organise themselves online around relatives that need care. Everyone can see what needs doing and who is doing what. Rally Round helps families to better support frail and vulnerable people.
  • Clinical Trials – allows the public to find clinical trials based on the conditions they have and where they live. This will not only help those patients but also accelerate the pace of research and bring about faster cures.

You can find the Health Apps Library at

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