Consultation outcome

Updating our care and support system: draft regulations and guidance

This consultation has concluded

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Final affirmative regulations under part 1 of the Care Act

Final negative regulations under part 1 of the Care Act

Care and support (children's carers) regulations 2014: keeling schedule

Update on final Orders under the Care Act 2014

Detail of outcome

The consultation received over 4,000 responses from many different sources. The response document sets out the government response to the consultation, and summarises changes to the regulations and guidance as a result of the consultation.

The response also includes proposed final versions of the regulations that will form the basis for the new legal framework. We have included them to provide information for local authorities as soon as possible and support their preparations for implementation in April 2015.

We have also published statutory guidance to help those implementing the Care Act.

The final impact assessment is published on the legislation site.

Original consultation

This consultation ran from 6 June 2014 9:30am to
15 August 2014 11:45pm


Seeks views on draft regulations and guidance on the care and support reforms in the Care Act 2014 which come into effect in April 2015.


Consultation description

These draft regulations and guidance relate to the care and support reforms and provisions in the Care Act which come into effect in April 2015.

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The consultation document sets out a summary of the policies that the regulations and guidance relate to and the questions we would welcome views and evidence on. It should be read alongside the draft regulations and guidance.

The guidance is intended to provide local authorities with the information they need about how they should meet the legal obligations under the Act and the regulations, and will be used by local authority officers to plan care and support. The guidance will also be used by people using care and support, their families, the voluntary sector and providers of care and support to help them understand the new system.

Do not feel limited to the questions asked. We want to hear your views about anything included in or left out of the regulations and guidance.