Common Land Toolkit (NE285)

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The toolkit provides 20 Fact Sheets and Guidance Notes. These documents provide practical guidance for those involved with common land which remains under practical agricultural management by farmers and commoners. They can be used by practitioners seeking the sustainable management of commons to provide the widest possible range of public benefits.
The documents provide background information on commons, technical and legal aspects relating to commons and defining or constraining their management and help for those involved with management.
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File Uploaded
1FS - Background - definitions and significance of common land, PDF, 606.5 KB 2011/10/19
2FS - Origins and history of common land, PDF, 611.0 KB 2011/10/19
3FS - Rights of common, PDF, 619.3 KB 2011/10/19
4FS - Registration of common land, PDF, 612.1 KB 2011/10/19
4GN - Updating the commons registers, PDF, 611.5 KB 2011/10/19
5FS - Ownership of commons, PDF, 600.6 KB 2011/10/19
5GN - Tracing ownership and managing commons with unknown ownership, PDF, 588.0 KB 2011/10/19
6FS - Agricultural activity on commons, PDF, 619.0 KB 2011/10/19
6GN - Managing undergrazed commons, PDF, 601.0 KB 2011/10/19
7FS - Sporting management on commons, PDF, 591.0 KB 2011/10/19
8FS - Single Payment Scheme (SPS) on common land, PDF, 595.0 KB 2011/10/19
9GN - Negotiating management on common land, PDF, 621.7 KB 2011/10/19
10GN - Agri-environment schemes on common land, PDF, 640.9 KB 2011/10/19
11FS-Fencing and other works on common land, PDF, 600.1 KB 2011/10/19
11GN - Applying for consent to carry out works on common land, PDF, 602.0 KB 2011/10/19
12FS - Governance and management of commons, PDF, 604.1 KB 2011/10/19
12GN - Choosing and establishing the appropriate management model for common land, PDF, 659.2 KB 2011/10/19
13FS - Public access to common land, PDF, 618.6 KB 2011/10/19
13GN - Managing public access on common land, PDF, 614.4 KB 2011/10/19
14GN - Managing livestock on commons with unfenced roads, PDF, 595.4 KB 2011/10/19
NE285 - Common Land Toolkit - FULL DOCUMENT, PDF, 936.7 KB 2011/10/19

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