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Cisco Catalyst 1200 switch, 1994

Object description

Cisco Catalyst 1200 switch, made by Cisco Systems, Inc., United States, 1994. This switch was first used by London Internet Exchange (LINX) in 1994. LINX was the first exchange to route Internet traffic over UK networks, rather than routing it over unnecessarily large distances. It was formed in 1994 as a loose cooperative between five leading UK-based Internet Service Providers (ISPs): PIPEX, BT Internet Services, Demon Internet, EUnet GB and UKERNA/JANET. LINX became operational less than two months after the original agreement, when the first Internet traffic was transmitted through its routers on 8 November 1994. By 2004, LINX was the world's largest Internet exchange, handling 90% of the UK's Internet traffic.

Object information

Made in:United StatesDate:1994Made from:metal; paint; plastic; electronic componentsAcquired from:Donated by London Internet ExchangeLocation:Science Museum, Information Age Gallery: WebCollection:SCM - Computing & Data ProcessingObject number:2004-268Terms:electric switch
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From calculation to communication

From calculation to communication

On 25 July 1973, University College London created the first international link on the ARPANET network, the forerunner of the internet.

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