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Ofsted reports in music and materials for schools

  • Music in schools: what hubs must do - 15 November 2013. This short survey report challenges all music education hubs to be bold in implementing the National Plan for Music Education and to grasp the opportunity to lead, with schools and other partners, improvement in schools on a major scale.
  • Music in schools: sound partnerships - 5 October 2012. This report highlights the benefits and pitfalls of partnership working in music education. It is based on visits to 59 schools by specialist music inspectors between September 2011 and July 2012, together with six further visits to observe good practice.
  • Subject professional development materials: Music in schools - promoting good practice - 3 September 2012. These professional development materials have been put together to help to promote dialogue between music teachers, headteachers, and music hub leaders to build their shared understanding about the key features of good teaching and learning by reflecting on the main messages from the music report.
  • Music in schools: wider still and wider - 2 March 2012. This report examined music teaching and found wide differences in the quality and quantity of music education in schools across England. One in five of the schools visited were judged inadequate for music. Our report is based principally on evidence from 194 specialist music inspections and good practice visits in schools between 2008 and 2011, including curriculum lessons, additional instrumental and vocal tuition, and extra-curricular musical activities. 
  • Making more of music - improving the quality of music teaching (secondary) - 17 September 2009. 
  • Making more of music - improving the quality of music teaching (primary) - 17 September 2009. Two Making more of music booklets – for primary and secondary schools – are intended as discussion documents for staff who are involved in teaching music in schools. They highlight aspects of effective teaching in a chart that describes the satisfactory, good and outstanding features seen in Ofsted’s music inspections.
  • Making more of music: an evaluation of music in schools 2005-08 - 4 February 2009. This report is based on evidence from inspections in a range of maintained schools. Part A focuses on inspection findings. They show that there is some outstanding provision and that pupils enjoy music, although they do not always make as much musical progress as they could. Part B considers the essential components of effective teaching in music.

Inspectors visit 150 schools each year to inform Ofsted’s subject surveys in English, mathematics and science. Survey visits for other subjects are less frequent but continue to take place from time to time. 

Case studies of good practice in music in schools

Good practice case study Cotham School - 2 March 2012. This good practice film about Cotham School includes teaching and learning using music technology and the use of video and audio recording for assessing students’ work. It illustrates how specialist arts status has been used to build musical links with feeder primary schools.

Good practice case study Whitefield Schools and Centre - 2 March 2012. This good practice film about Whitefield Schools and Centre considers how classroom teaching, music therapy, partnerships with professional musicians and innovative assessment methods can be used to support the musical achievement of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Good practice case study Churchfields Junior School - 2 March 2012. This good practice video for Churchfields Junior School includes ‘Wider Opportunities’ work and singing work in Key Stage 2, including use of the Curwen-Kodaly hand signs.

Good practice case study Flegg High School - 2 March 2012. This good practice film about Flegg High School explains how a rural school has overcome geographical isolation by building networks in the local authority and using technology. It also considers how one headteacher has worked with a specialist adviser to develop his own understanding of key issues in music education.

Good practice case study John Scurr Primary School - 2 March 2012. This good practice film about John Scurr Primary School includes singing work in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Good practice case study London Oratory School - 2 March 2012. This good practice film for the London Oratory School includes a range of curriculum and extra-curricular vocal work.

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