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3.1.iii. Compete the works and facilities management services in public sector prisons
3.3.ii. Increase removal of foreign nationals from prisons through holding foreign national prisoners in specific establishments which facilitate Home Office enforcement activity; and through use of the Early Removal Scheme and Tariff Expired Removal Scheme
3.3.iii. Work with the Home Office to ensure foreign nationals are identified at the earliest opportunity in the criminal justice process; assess the timeliness of referrals from NOMS; and strengthen processes so that all FNOs are referred to the Home Office when sentenced to custody
5.1.i. Introduce proposals to reform HMCTS to ensure that courts and tribunals across the country operate as efficiently and effectively as possible
5.3.v. Move to a mixed model of local and national commissioning of support services for victims, with Police and Crime Commissioners commissioning the majority of services at the local level
7.1.iii. Commence phase II of the change to a “20 year rule” for the release of public records
7.3.iii. Introduce further legislative and non-legislative measures to enhance the position of volunteers and those who act heroically, in the fourth session
5.5.iii. Support the Victims' Commissioner to recommend minimum standards that victims can expect whenever they complain to a criminal justice agency

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