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2.8.iii. Reform the taxation of remote gambling
2.8.v. Introduce creative sector reliefs Deliver a stable and long-term framework for decommissioning relief and a tax regime that supports extraction of shale gas and maximise economic exploitation of the UK’s oil and gas resources
3.3.i. Defend the United Kingdom’s interests in the negotiations on a banking union and protect the competitiveness of the City of London and UK financial services
3.3.ii. Contribute to the efficiency of enhanced financial stability of the financial sector, including through the implementation of Capital Requirements Directive 4 (CRD4), and successful negotiations of the recovery and resolution directive
3.3.iii. Deliver the framework legislation that enables markets to function effectively including through successfully negotiating the Markets in Infrastructure Directive(MIFID), European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), Securities Law Directive (SLD), and Central Securities Depositories (CSD) EU dossiers and delivering post LIBOR review reforms
3.3.iv. Secure UK interests on EU directives, and successfully implement them without detriment to UK consumers for financial institutions, including on mortgages, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, Access to Banking, Payments Services, E-money and Multilateral Interchange Fees

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