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1.3.ii. Review and publish evaluation of the benefit cap
2.6.i. Evaluate the national “Day One” initiative to mandate prison leavers to the Work Programme and use this to inform the Ministry of Justice evaluation of the pilots to test the commissioning of employment and reduced re-offending
3.1.iv Undertake an independent review of the PIP assessment and publish findings
3.3.i. Develop and deliver cross -government initiatives on improving disability employment, ensuring a clear fit with mainstream employment programmes
6.2.i. Take forward plans to remove or improve around 84% of health and safety regulations
1.5.viii. Develop and launch pilot for 18-21 year old Jobseeker's Allowance claimants without Level 2 English and Maths to make training mandatory from day 1 of their claim
1.5.ix. Develop and launch pilot for 18-21s on Job Seekers Allowance to participate in work experience or skills related activity after 6 months of claiming

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