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Actions completed last month

2.3.i. Subject to Royal Assent, legislate via the Deregulation Bill to amend Part V of the Housing Act 1985 to reduce the eligibility threshold for Right to Buy and Right to Acquire from five years to three years
3.7.i. Working with other government departments, review of the Bellwin Scheme for Financial Assistance in Emergencies including a consultation with local authorities on proposals

Actions to be completed this month

2.16.i. Raise Private Rented Sector standards by empowering tenants, providing redress and transparency of fees in relation to letting agents and tackling rogue landlords (including a How to Rent Guide, model tenancy agreement, Code of Practice, mandatory letting agent redress schemes, updated Guidance to local authorities on tackling rogue landlords and primary legislation to require transparency on letting agent fees)
2.15.iii. Publish a consultation to improve the New Homes Bonus Incentive